Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Simon Says

The writers on Flash Forward are quickly becoming the masters of remaining completely irrelevant until the last possible second.

This week’s episode wasn’t bad, but neither was it thrilling or even particularly interesting or informative. I have literally just finished watching it and I couldn’t really make a list of five things snapshot(0)I think might become important in the long run.

The episode really only seemed to set out the almost paradoxical idea that people now have a future based on past events which required a vision of said future in order to transpire. If this is the case then time is a straight line and what has happened and will happen is already written in stone and if that is the case then somebody is telling lies…

Demetri Noh saw nothing in his Flash Forward and he has subsequently been told he will be murdered long before the date of the Flash Forwards. His wife-to-be however saw them getting married in her Flash Forward. If the timeline is set in stone as thissnapshot episode suggests then the two events cannot possibly happen.

Of course the real moment of interest in this episode is the last five seconds when Lloyd (Jack Davenport) receives a call from Simon (Dominic Monaghan) claiming the two of them are responsible for the single greatest disaster in human history. Of course, this being Flash Forward, we have no idea if Simon is referring to the Blackout or to what he sees in his Flash Forward. Of all the characters, I never thought that Lloyd would be connected to the mysterious Simon, maybe it’s a British thing, after all, we do make the best bad guys! 

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