Monday, 19 October 2009

Tv Nibble: A Game of Two Halves

Hurrah! Supernatural is back. After weeks and weeks of me moaning about Supernatural’s story heavy approach we’re finally snapshot(8)back to just Sam and Dean, messing about and solving a case.

However, as has become the norm for this show, this episode feels like it was written in two parts. The first half of the show being a great idea for the mystery of the week, the second half being “How can we tie this to the main mythology story arc?” But I didn’t mind that too much.

There were laughs aplenty and Dean was back to his old self around Sam (who unfortunately still looks like he’s been smacked in the mouth most of the time) with an appearance from Misha Collins, whose comic timing is becoming legendary.

The story itself, beyond the jokey first half of the show was compelling too. Jesse, a boy who unwittingly visits his own fears upon the world, was born of a woman possessed by a Demon and is, it seems, destined to become the Anti-Christ. Castiel demands the child's immediate execution and of course the brothers refuse. Jesse, is apparently destined to destroy heaven’s host, the Angels, and somehow I don’t think Sam and Dean see that as a bad thing.

Also, if Jesse can kill Angels, that makes him one of the few people on the planet capable of killing Satan himself. Sam and Dean confess the truth of his birth to Jesse. Sam tells Jesse he is telling him this because he has to hope that Jesse can make the right decision, even if Sam, himself, could not. Later the brothers lament over telling the boy and potentially snapshot(9)ruining his life, wishing that their own father had not told them them truth…

It was a good episode and one that harked back to the good old days of supernatural, whilst remaining true and relevant to the current season’s mythology. I hope that we can look forward to a growing sense of kinship between the brothers as the series progresses and a whole lot less moping.  

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