Friday, 23 October 2009

Tv Nibble: Dare to Dream

Because there was no Dollhouse, no Clone Wars and no Merlin this week I found myself with nothing to watch last night, so I watched Fringe. I wasn’t very complimentary about the show last week, in fact I’ve never really been very complimentary about the show. snapshot(4)I’m not going to rave about this week’s episode either… but I didn’t turn it off.

I promised last week I’d just give it one last go, something I’ve been doing since episode one, and once again I could feel the characters tugging at my heart strings. There is something indefinably intriguing about Walter Bishop. If this show was about the relationships a crazy man formed with his son and his lab assistant I doubt I would tune in every week. The same could be said about the Olivia’s story too, having seen every episode of the X-files I find her approach to the supernatural lacking in spectacle and originality. snapshot(5)However, somehow, when you combine the two elements I find myself intrigued.

This weeks episode had very little to do with the mythology of the show, which is a blessing for me. Although there were references to Peter’s origins, which is one of the most fascinating stories in Fringe. (Walter’s son Peter died, so Walter crossed over into another universe and abducted the current Peter.) The story was interesting enough to keep me entertained, but not nearly as interesting as the interplay between Walter, Astrid and Fringe new comer Agent Kashner (who you might recognise as Keith Dudemeister, from Scrubs).

So Fringe survived the cut, again, but for how much longer?    

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