Thursday, 5 November 2009

10 Reasons to Bring Back Chris Carter

For 9 seasons the X-Files told us that Aliens were coming to invade Earth and in the dying seconds of the final episode we discovered the horrifying truth that they were coming in 2012. Now that is an awesome revelation, but only if you back it up with a show about the actual invasion.

So I here by give Mr. Carter one year’s notice to bring us 2012 (the series) to start January 2011. Why would I want this show? It’s certainly not because I was an X-files fanboy, sure I’ve seen them all maybe 3 or 4 times each but I wasn’t a “fan”. So why then? Let me give you 10 reasons…

  1. New Cast – Firstly, we don’t need this to be a revamped X-files show, although guest stars would be welcome. A new, preferably ensemble cast would great, allowing the X-files mythology to be fully explored without any pesky baggage.
  2. Returns are all the rage – In recent times, reinventing old Sci-Fi’s has become fashionable. Just look at Battlestar Galactica, V and Stargate. The new millennium belongs to the Geek and the Geek loves Sci Fi. 
  3. 1 Year before they came – The series could start in 2011 and give us a year to live under the threat of invasion, growing to love the characters as they try and prepare the earth for an alien invasion.
  4. Improvements in CGI – Some might say that the X-files was really the mother of modern SFX shows. Now would be the time for Carter to return and make the most out of the special effects his show helped to birth.
  5. Good Company – A few years ago I bemoaned the death of Sci-fi as the number of shows dropped to single figures. Now that reality TV is finally in the throes of death, Sci-Fi has been permitted to return. Dollhouse, Stargate, Caprica, Flash Forward, Lost and more are all bringing in the big viewing figures… Well maybe not Dollhouse but you get the picture.
  6. Great Writers – With the end of Supernatural and Lost happening this year and the probably death of Dollhouse, a whole batch of great, intelligent writers will soon become available.
  7. Box Office Success – The recent outing of the X-Files mythology managed to gross almost $69 million. A reasonably respectable figure and one that shows the X-files story is clearly not over in the hearts of the fans.
  8. A New Generation – It’s been more than 15 years since the X-files was born, now there are children in the world who don’t know about the black oil or the cigarette smoking man, will you really leave them to become ignorant of shape shifting bounty hunters and triangular spaceships? There is also a new generation of sci-fi, a better breed of science fiction, started by Farscape and propagated by Battlestar Galactica amongst others. We can rebuild the X-files, stronger, faster, better than it was before…
  9. Think of the Fans – The Truth was meant to satisfy the fans, to give them answers, but without actions the answers are meaningless. Sure we know you said “2012” but how do we really know it’s “The Truth”? Like you said, Mr. Carter, “The Truth is Out There…” We just need someone like you to show it to us.
  10. Because I want to watch it – And that should be a good enough reason for anyone!

Ok, so I know it’s not a real 10 Reasons post, but seriously, don’t you think this would be kinda cool? Plus, who knows, in 2012 someone might work out how to resurrect the Lone Gunmen?! *please*

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