Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Straight to Confession

I don’t think I would be tempted to say that this week’s episode of Flash Forward was the best episode yet, but it is the one I have  the most to say about. This is a no holds barred, spoiler filled snapshotpost, so make sure you’re up to date before continuing on, you have been warned…

The episode opens with a music driven montage that focuses on the after effects of Al Gough’s suicide at the end of last week’s episode. I find it difficult to believe that Al is the only person to have had a Flash Forward and not lived to see it come true, but I guess, for storytelling purposes it was a convenient coincidence.

The musical montage finishes with Lloyd deliberating over whether or not to send an email. The message simply reads:

We have to take responsibility


Don’t bother clicking that link though, it doesn’t lead anywhere, which is a shame. Other shows have used this idea to provide spoilers for innovative fans, for example WB used bustyasianbeauties.com as the homepage for Supernatural.

I also noted down the list of recipients of Lloyd’s email.

Four people, I think I recall Simon mentioning that there were six people involved, so Lloyd, Simon, Gordon, Elizabeth, Gabe and Phillipe.  Also a quick google result on NLAP throws up the National Laboratory Audit Program. (relevant?) What I do find interesting is that all the email addresses end in US, while the two snapshot(4)members of the team (who are responsible for the blackout) that we’ve met are both British.

Within a couple of hours Simon turns up at the hospital to reprimand Lloyd for his stupidity in suggesting that the group confess. I also think Simon is possibly hurt that Lloyd didn’t bother to CC him in. Simon calls the email a suicide note and suggests that the cause of the blackout is not yet clear.

Lloyd persists. “Our experiment killed 20 million people”, don’t get me wrong here, that’s a lot of people, but it seems like a low, world-wide figure, that’s not even a third of the population of Britain. A website, FlightAware.com claims the number of planes right now (around midday US time) just over the US to be nearly 5000! With over 400 people able to be seated in a 747 that’s a potential 2 million casualties, just from aircraft over the US. So a figure of 20 million dead seems like the world was snapshot(12)saved by a miracle rather than effected by a disaster.

Lloyd demands that they go public and tell the world they caused the blackout, Simon, however, is much less than receptive that idea.   “I’m going public, with or without Myhill’s co-operation, or yours.” Is Gordon Myhill the leader of the project? “Good luck getting anyone to believe you without.” Simon replies.

Sorry to burst your bubble Simon, but in these instances people are looking for someone to blame, if someone is kind enough to stick their head on the chopping block, the populous at large is generally more than willing to wield the axe. So, Simon presents a counter proposal, that he and Lloyd play Texas Hold ‘Em, if Simon wins Lloyd has to be a good little dog and lie down, if Lloyd snapshot(11)wins, they go public and hang themselves with the truth.

In a series of vaguely tense hands Lloyd reduces his chip pile to $15,000. Simon offers him the chance of a “winner takes all” hand, a dumb-ass move and Lloyd uses the slight of hand tricks he’s been practising with his son Dylan to beat the cocky Mancunian.

“How did you beat me?” Simon whines. “There are some things even I wont leave to chance.” Lloyd replies, walking away smugly. Hmmmmm… So that’s it then, everyone will just come clean? I don't think so! I do however think Lloyd should watch his back.

Meanwhile, else where in Flash Forward…

Janis returns to work. Olivia destroys the underwear she is wearing in her Flash Forward and Demetri and Mark “accidentally” kill the man with the three star tattoo on his arm. Except, as was pretty much predictable, the three stars is a snapshot(10)gang/military tattoo and Mark and Dem have not, as they believe, altered their future.

The closing moments of the episode take us inside the 3 star camp, where we meet Ricky Jay’s character, a, so far, unnamed villain, who takes delivery of 6 silver rings set with a black stone. He comments, “There are supposed to be seven” before, inexplicably, shooting the man delivering them. The seventh ring, we can assume, is on the finger of the man in the stadium who was awake during the blackout, who Janis is trying to ID through the ring he is wearing. What significance these rings have I’m unsure. However the addition of the 3 star gang and Ricky’s character, makes me think we’re dealing with an conspiracy of X-files proportions!

Al Gough’s death has had a profound impact on the direction of the show this week. Before, although characters wanted to believe they could change their future, they were finding themselves powerless to do so. Now, however they seem to be going out of their way to make changes and yet the impact of their actions snapshot(9)seems to be of little consequence.

As it stands, I’m not sure if I like this or not. Before the show had a clear direction, nothing can change but the story was about how we get from A to B, now however B could no loner exist and that seems to break down the point of the show…

… Well, that’s My Two Cents anyway. Until next time…     

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