Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Tv Nibble: It’s That Time Again…

I’ve just finished watching this weeks, rather excellent, Heroes. In a throw back to season one style storytelling the episode offers us snapshot(2)answers that we were not expecting.

“Once Upon A Time In Texas” focuses on 3 people, Hiro, Noah and Samuel. While Noah’s story is interesting (Angel fans might recognise Elizabeth Rolm as Noah’s love interest) it seems ultimately pointless, although, as is the way with Heroes, those things that seem trivial can end up having far reaching consequences.

The episode focuses mainly on Hiro’s second attempt to save Charlie from Sylar, without altering the future. To have Hiro fail in this attempt would be fruitless and a waste of our time, thus he either has to succeed or the consequences for failing a second time must severely outweigh the consequences of failing first time round.

This week NBC announced the death of a major character in Heroes and the assumption was that it was Nathan Petrelli, the only problem with that theory is that he is already dead. Last week I suggested that in saving Charlie, Hiro would meet his snapshot(4)demise, his wrongs set right, going out in a blaze of glory.

Forewarned that a major death was coming I felt our Japanese Heroes time had run out as he faced off with Sylar. However Hiro did not die and we finally found out the answer to a question I’ve been asking for weeks.

Hiro forced Sylar to help Charlie and save her life, which he did, only for Samuel to steal her away and stash her someplace in time where Hiro cannot find her. All of Samuel’s appearances point to him being an empath, travelling through time, destroying buildings with his mind but still we don't know. What we do know now though, is what he needs Hiro for… Eight weeks before Samuel Sullivan shot and killed Mohinder Suresh!

Dum Dum Dum… Well, I know I didn’t see that coming. What I don’t understand is why Samuel needs Hiro. He can clearly travel in time himself, what is that Hiro can do to help save Mohinder? More to the point, are we getting two chapters this year or one? Eight episodes down, we’re either drawing to a close or building snapshot(5)to a cliff hanger. Is Mohinder the surprise death we have been warned about? Or is it just a simple red herring?

Answer to this and more in next week’s Heroes, this has been My Two Cents, until next time…  

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