Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Heroes Showdown in Parkman/Sylar Grudgematch!

Pretty damn good episode this week, I’ve gotta say! The episode focused for the most part on Matt and Sylar, with their roles now reversed, Matt the voice in the head, with Sylar in control of the meat suit. Although there was a significant amount of Claire/Noah/Samuel stuff going on too.

NBC leaked the fact that one of the Heroes was on their way out and did they leak that information at the right time. With Hiro, Nathan and Mohinder all either dead or dying and now with Matt snapshotand Peter showing signs of potentially leaving the show before the season ends, it really is anybody’s guess.

Firstly Peter’s new found ability to heal is draining his strength significantly. Unfortunately Peter is too stubborn (or focused on helping people) to give it up, even if it kills him.

Secondly Matt, who Sylar took control of a couple of weeks ago, was playing the Villain at his own game, this week. A very entertaining series of events that ended with Matt sacrificing himself for the greater good. Matt managed to take control of Sylar long enough to write “I have a gun and I’m going to shoot everyone in here” on a napkin. When the police came to arrest snapshot(0)him he forced Sylar to appear as if he was drawing a gun and the officers promptly gunned him down.

Of course, it would be too simple to just kill him then and there, surely better to leave us wondering. Before the episode closes we see him under the care of a group of EMTs, no doubt winging his way to Peter’s hospital! And lets not forget, this is not the first time Parkman has been shot. At the end of season 1 he was shot five times in the chest.

So who’s number is up? Nathan’s reappearance at the end of this episode not only throws his name back in the hat but Sylar’s too. Peter could die attempting to save Hiro or Matt and of course if Hiro doesn’t help Samuel, Mohinder has had it. And right now… I couldn’t tell you who is the most likely candidate!

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