Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Heroes Try to Keep it in the Family

This weeks episode of Heroes “Thanksgiving” had some good moments and some corny-as-hell moments too. The focus was very family orientated. Noah and Claire, Samuel and the Circus and Peter and Nathan all had equal air time.

Claire and Noah did little more than fill time. While entertaining enough there was little that was ground breaking. The fact that Noah and Sandra seem to take Claire’s newfound bisexuality in stride speaks volumes about how accepting they have become.

Peter and Nathan confront Angela about the dead body in her lockup. Over dinner she confesses all. We have never seen Angela in such a weak moment before, but the way she tries to justify her actions says so much about how she looks at the world. She tells Nathan (Sylar) that he has his own memories and he looks like he always did and that is what matters. However, it seems that that is not true as Sylar takes over and holds Peter and Angela hostage.

Sylar’s “take over” moment is very pantomime. I’m really enjoying Nathan’s troubled “who am I” personality, but I hate Sylar (I always have) and I don’t doubt that I am in the majority in saying we’d rather have Adrian Pasdar than Zachary Quinto and if someone has to go it has to be Sylar.

However what was really interesting this week was the discovery that we have a new supervillain in Samuel Sullivan. Before this point he has always been ambiguously good in a self serving way. Now, however, we know that he killed his own brother in his pursuit for power and having gone that far, it seems unlikely that he will turn back. However Samuel is not truly evil, he’s inquisitive, he wants to explore his power to it’s fullest extent, unfortunately he doesn’t really care who he might hurt in his pursuit of this goal… And of course that means somebody is going to have to stop him!

I still have high hopes for this season but it has had some terrible moments. I know its not nice to show favouritism but please, get rid of Quinto and give us some new villains. Hopefully next week Heroes will really step up its game and start to bring all the storylines together and deliver some really fantastic action in the run up to the close of season 4.

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