Sunday, 22 November 2009

Tv Nibble: To Kill The Queen

A couple of weeks ago I talked about The Clone Wars and what a fantastic set piece they delivered us. Unfortunately the follow up snapshot(3)episode was lacking something.

This weeks episode “Brain Invaders” was set after the destruction of the weapons factory on Geonosis. The bugs have been driven into submission but still Poggle the Lesser evades capture. Jedi Master Luminara tracks Poggle to the temple, below which dwells the Geonosian Queen.

Her great bloated body is spitting out eggs to bolster the failing ranks of the bugs, while a strange worm keeps the dead enslaved to the hive mind, creating a series of zombie warriors.

This episode felt a little odd within the mythology of the show, I’ve certainly never heard of anything similar to Zombies in the Star Wars mythology but that didn’t really detract from the episode. It certainly wasn’t the best episode but it was fun and by the end Obi-Wan and Anakin had rescued Luminara and Poggle the Lesser was in handcuffs.

Although, how long he’ll remain that way…?

I wonder about the future of the show… I know it’s the Clone Wars, I just wonder if they could take it up to Episode III and then snapshot(4)beyond into the Rebellion years, after the formation of the Empire. I would really love to see a Clone Wars take on Revenge of the Sith, they could easily spread it over half a season or so and really explore it in depth… Oh and obviously, make it ten times better!

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