Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Personality Transplant!

“We are going to survive, we are going to make it home!” The snapshot(1)immortal words of Col. Young in the closing moments of this week’s Stargate: Universe.

I know I’ve been pretty happy with the series so far, with the odd complaint here and there but this week I wasn’t so ecstatic. Maybe it’s the anticipation, maybe its the having to sleep at work on MY BIRTHDAY thing or maybe it was that the episode just wasn’t that good.

Essentially the crew of Destiny was ordered to attempt to return to Earth, however there was a possibility that the ship would explode. Col. Young therefore refused, but then, dumbass that he is, he used the ancient communications stones and was unintentionally marooned on earth while Col. Telford carried out the necessary tests.

What I didn’t like about the episode was the lack of tension. It’s episode 7, there is no chance that the Destiny would destroyed and no chance that the crew would return to earth, which left only the possibility of a mediocre outcome at best. Certainly, the cast did the best with what they had, but it just wasn’t a threatening enough.

I think that SGU needs to pull away from threatening the lives of everyone, because we know that it isn’t really a threat, certainly not this early on. Threatening the lives of other characters, snapshot(2)especially more minor characters is a better way forward when trying to generate tension.

A special mention goes out to Chloe and Eli who really shone in this episode, despite the lacklustre concept for the episode.

This has been My Two Cents… Pretty Pictures to follow…

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