Sunday, 1 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Who’s a Naughty Boy Then?

This week’s Flash Forward was a little more straight forward than last week’s offering. Questions are still coming thick and fast but at  least some answers are dribbling out too!

The episode begins with possibly the most import explanation so far, as Simon works to seduce a lady with his intimate knowledge snapshot(3)of what caused the blackout.

I think I may just have to quote Simon here and then I’ll try and break it down:

“The most basic concept you need to understand is quantum super positions. Are you aware of the Double Slit experiment? What about Schrodinger’s Cat?”

“Ok, now imagine you have a cat that fits in the palm of your  hand. You also have a poisonous sardine. Once we close your hand there are two possible scenarios. Either the cat eats the sardine and dies or it doesn’t eat the sardine and lives. Quantum Physics says that until we open your hand to discover the cat’s fate both eventualities occur at the same time. The cat is both living and deceased, that’s the beauty of quantum mechanics, the observer gets to decide.”

Ok, I just looked up the Double-Slit or Young’s experiment and understood not one word. Check it out for yourself here. But I get the principle of Schrodinger’s Cat though. It could be a possible explanation for Demetri’s dual appearance in the Flash Forwards, how he could be dead in one but not in another. How this fits snapshot(5)with  the concept of an immutable future I’m not quite sure.

Whatever it was that caused the Flash Forward, we can now be pretty sure that Simon and Lloyd, as well as a team of other people were behind it. Lloyd admits that it was “their” experiment that (presumably went wrong and) caused the Blackouts. But what were they hoping to achieve? Does this eliminate the possibility of China’s involvement? Was it an accident or was it made to look like one?   

That’s more questions isn’t it? So what about answers then? Well, we know that Lloyd was not lying when he said he didn’t know who he was with in his Flash Forward. I was right that Janis’ gunshot would spur her on and change her mind about wanting a child. Mark’s agony over how to tell Olivia he was drinking in his Flash Forward was resolved.  And finally Demetri and Al snapshot(4)discover the answer to Al Gough’s most pressing question, “What is the Rutheford Case?”

Ok, so not a gamut of answers, but at least it is some from the smorgasbord of questions we already had. So, until next time, this has been My Two Cents.

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