Thursday, 19 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Giving V the V’s

So, it’s officially the most boring show on the planet. Absolutely nothing happened last week and even less happened this week. I’ll give it one last try but I’m really not hoping for much. So, instead of talking about V, I’m going to talk about a middle aged man building a two and a half mile scalextric track.

Bored from the lack of interesting things happening on ABC, I turned on the BBC instead and watched James May’s Toy Stories. I’ve always known that James May makes possibly the most interesting documentaries on the BBC, but despite that I never intentionally watch them, I just sort of turn the TV on and get hooked.

So, James has made it his own personal mission to prove that old fashioned toys are just as exciting as new fangled video games. This week, scalextrics. Now I had my own set as a child but it was a never-ending headache. When the car wasn’t coming off the track, the engine was exploding! My car spent more time in the shop being fixed than it did on the track being raced. So I wasn’t overly excited with the subject matter, but somehow James made the toy come to life.

He combined his love of scalextrics with his love of motorsport, rebuilding the historic Brooklands race course. Of course, now it is a housing estate, a river and a business park! Watching as James and his team worked out amazing solutions to cross a multitude of weird obstacles, including a 14ft high fence, a staircase, a storm drain, a dual carriage way and of course a river was almost as interesting as doing it yourself and, of course, a hell of a lot less expensive!

Check it out now on BBC iPlayer… 

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