Friday, 13 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Yawn…

While I’ve spent the last week or so lamenting the loss of Dollhouse, I’m still finding myself bored with V. I’m not sure what it is I want from the show, but something is lacking. In fact, so little happened this week that I can barely find enough to write snapshot(1)about to fill this column.

Essentially the episode boiled down to little more than a search for Dale, Alan Tudyk, who had been “killed” by Erika and his body recovered by the Visitors. In my opinion this episode did little to nothing to further the plot. Ryan, Morris Chestnut, spent the whole episode running round, explaining to us that the Visitors are bad… Big shock! While Chad Decker, Scott Wolf, tried to manipulate the Visitors to further his own career, a move that can only end up with him either in league with them, or dead and I’m voting for the latter.

While the only plot furthering action from Olivia and Jack was Erika stealing the list of people who have reported alien encounters. Even this really only seems point the way to further tedium with pointless interviews with various nutjobs before they find someone who knows “the truth”.

And of course, this weeks, not really a shock, ending was that Alan Tudyk’s character is still alive! While I’m all in favour of Alan and Morena having work, I’d rather have Alan back on Dollhouse snapshot(2)and Morena flying round the galaxy with Nathan Fillion at her side!

Hopefully “A Bright New Day” will bring with it a bright new side to this show, but at the moment this really isn't enough to drag me out of my Dollhouse depression and with what appears to be a two month break looming, I don't see how this show will build enough pace to generate a large enough following to keep it on our airwaves! But that’s just My Two Cents…

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