Thursday, 26 November 2009

Caravans Are Back

Top Gear returned to our screen a couple of weeks ago and this week will see episode 3.

So far the boys have driven across Romania in search of a legendary road built up in the mountains, in a visually beautiful Grand Tour, filled with laughs and fast cars.

Last week they set out to design and build a better electric car for less than you can buy a G-Whizz and as always with Top Gear, they were ambitious but rubbish… but maybe not as rubbish as the G-Whizz.

This week however sees the return of that staple of Top Gear comedy, the caravan. Is there really enough laughs left in caravanning to supply yet another episode of the best comedy to come out of the BBC in years? The answer, probably!

So make sure you tune in this week for the best of British humour!

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