Saturday, 7 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Trick or Treat?

This week’s episode of Supernatural “Changing Channels” has to be the best episode of season 5 so far. When the “previously on Supernatural” section began to roll and I saw we were in for a mythology driven episode, my heart sank, but then I saw the light snapshotat the end of the tunnel as Richard Speight Jr.’s face flashed up, the Trickster was back!

I’ve always enjoyed the Trickster episodes, they are a welcome break from the scarier or heavier episodes, but what was special about this one was the way Carver and Weiner worked the Trickster into the mythology of the show. I am about to reveal the twist at the end of this episode, it’s a big one, so you might want to look away now.

Honestly, if I had more time, I could write a full length post about how clever this episode was, but I don't have the time today. After Castiel warns the brothers that the Trickster is more than he seems the audience quickly puts two and two together and works out that he is in fact an angel. He is in fact, the Angel, the Archangel Gabriel!

I had thought that the writers were planning to use this rather fun-loving episode to force Sam and Dean to accept Michael and Lucifer, which would have worked for me, something so dark coming out of something so light-hearted, but instead they chose to introduce Gabriel. To have him air his feelings about the war between his brothers, about his missing father. “I just want it to be over!” He screams.

It’s so nice that Eric and the other writers/producers, decided to give us such a spread of characters amongst the Angels. Castiel the Rebel, Michael the Warrior, Zachariah the Deceiver and now Gabriel the Coward. I love the way that Dean throws down the challenge to Gabriel, calling him a coward, daring him to join their side of the fight… and I hope that he does. I’ve always really liked the Trickster and Richard too (loved him in Jericho, snapshot(0)awesome show!) and I think it would be great, during this final season if he got to play a bigger part.

That’s about it, due to excessive amounts of work I might miss a post or two this week, but don’t despair, normal service will resume next week. This has been My Angelic Two Cents, until next time… 

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