Monday, 23 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Don’t Blink or You’ll Miss It

Well, after having too much to say last week for a Nibble, this weeks Flash Forward seems a little on the empty side. Sure there is plenty of story, that is, if you are tuning in to see if Bryce snapshot(5)manages to find the love of his life.

But if what you are really interested in is, in fact, the blackout and those responsible then you will find this week’s episode severely lacking. Demetri and Mark decide to disobey orders and head off to Hong Kong (something we’ll pick up next week). Under the stress of having his daughter back in his life Aaron falls out with Mark. No sign of Simon or Lloyd or the Three Star gang.

Really very little happens at all. We learn that Bryce has cancer, but the blackout changed his life and made him feel he had something to live for. That something is a girl in Japan. He learns Japanese and heads off for orient but when he is unable to find the girl he returns home, downtrodden. However, as it turns out he snapshot(6)has misread his flash forward and they are destined to meet in a Japanese restaurant in LA.

Hopefully next week will reveal a more interesting plot thread as Mark and Demetri set out in search for the woman that told Demetri when he would die!

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