Friday, 27 November 2009

Tv Nibble: V is like the smallest firework in the box… Marginally better than a Sparkler!

I have criticised V no end since it began, but this weeks episode certainly trumps the others, but it wasn’t that hard to do. This week’s episode “It’s Only the Beginning” concludes the first four episode “Pod” and leaves us “wanting more” (more descent Tv!)

It seems then that the first four episodes, which I guess were supposed to tell a story, ended up telling us that the V’s are bad and more are on the way and that if the Human’s are to survive they must stop being predictable and beat the V’s at their own game.

Ok… Did we need 4 episodes to tell us that? Even from the trailer we knew more V’s were coming and lets be honest, we know the formula for an alien invasion show, this weeks ending was no big surprise.

Certainly the Joshua, the Fifth Column and John May are all more interesting to me than a, admittedly nice, CG camera pull out across the milky way. Also, what are Anna’s plans for Tyler and what does “He is the One” really mean? I know V is not scheduled to run for very long, but they could at least put a little more mystery in to keep us interested, to make us speculate on plot twists.

Oh well, I hope the next “pod” delivers at least more action, if not better scripts, acting and intrigue. Until 2010, this is goodbye for V.

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