Saturday, 14 November 2009

Tv Nibble: Supernatural Gets Conventional

With a title like “The Real Ghostbusters” this weeks episode of Supernatural couldn’t help but be light hearted. This week saw a return for Supernatural’s own prophet Chuck Shurley, who is snapshot(6)hosting the first convention for his novel series Supernatural!

The episode is great from a comic view point, although I wonder how close it comes to crossing the line between laughing with the fans and laughing at the fans. After all the episode is representing a scaled down version of, say, Comic-Con and mocking the dedicated fans of your show could have a detrimental effect. Hopefully though it will all be taken in good humour!

What I like most about this episode and last week’s episode “Changing Channels” is the way that the writers have managed to return us to the fun loving feel of the first couple of  series, while incorporating mythology furthering devices. In this snapshot(7)case, revealing the location of the Colt!

Obviously next week’s episode “Abandon All Hope…” will feature the brothers searching for the mythic weapon that Bella stole from them back in season 3, just before her grizzly demise. However as the original bullets are all used up and only Ruby could provide a substitute so I’m at a loss as to what use they might put the Colt to. Also I honestly can’t see that the gun could be used to kill Lucifer, it’s powerful, but Ruby’s knife had no effect on Castiel, why would the brothers think the Colt would be any different?

However the title of the episode really points to the endeavour being a waste of time, leaving Sam and Dean snapshot(8)with no other choice than to accept their roles as the vessels for the generals on either side of the war between heaven and hell.

Well, that’s about it for this week, can’t wait to see what Eric and the others have in store for us next week!



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